Sunday, July 24, 2016

Correlation between Self-realization and Siddhis

There is no correlation between Self-realization and siddhis. The ignorance takes one to the path of Siddhis. Siddhis belong to the realm of ignorance only. Maharishi Vasistha says in Yogavasistha – “The siddhis or occult powers are attained through means of ‘dravya’, ‘mantra’, ‘Kriya’ and ‘kala’. The one who is ignorant of self alone indulges in these practices for attaining siddhis, never the knower of self, who always perceives the Self by the Self. The one who ever-revels in the self, by the self never comes under the sway of ignorance. The much admired siddhis that are attained by drvya, mantra, kriya and kala are in no way helpful in the attainment of Self-hood”

Siddhis attained are meant for world and worldly elements only and a Self-realized individual is beyond the word and worldly elements. 

Action-less nature of the Self. What then is the source of action?

The self is ‘akarta’ and ‘abhokta’; it means the self is neither the doer of actions nor the enjoyer of results of actions. It neither wields the instruments of action – body, senses, and mind nor prompts the individual, nor creates results, nor connects the results with the individual. The self does not do neither good nor bad actions, nor does it become a sinner. It is the witness consciousness it the presence of which all actions good, bad or ugly happen. For example earth revolves around the sun and so many other activities are also performed in the presence of earth. But sun is neither responsible nor affected by the any activities on the earth.

Now then who is doer of actions and what is the source of their actions. It is the nature of earth to rotate around its axis and revolves around the sun, water to flow and fire to burn. Governed by the laws of nature they do what they do. Similarly it is the nature of the qualities; ‘gunas’ that makes satavika person give and forgive, the rajasika fight and divide and the tamasika to sleep and forget. Besides this it is nature of vasanas to manifest as desires that prompt the individual into action, creating objects and circumstances which as results are enjoyed or suffered by the individual which in turn leave impressions and which again manifest as desires. Indeed an endless cycle. All of this happen in the presence of the self.

What step should we take to manage desire and anger?

We should not to brood over our likes and dislikes and strength them. Even when desires and anger arise we should not give went to them but control their physical expression. They should not merely be suppressed but overcome through spiritual practices right understanding or performance of actions with an attitude of karma-yoga which helps to weaken them. Our mind should be alert and be aware of any desire arise so as not to get swept away by their force. An alert mind is able to withstand their onslaught.

Pleasure hunting cannot give us true happiness

When the sense organs come in contact with the worldly sense objects we get experience of joy which we terms pleasure. For a better quality pleasure all external factors like the availability of objects in right quantity, at right time and place, good condition of body and sense organs. But all these factors are changing continuously. To keep them all aligned to experience this kind of joy is very difficult. The problem with pleasure is that after procuring it with such difficulty it does not last. More ever pleasure creates more desires, tire and weaken the mind and the senses. There are sorrows hidden in the pleasure which apparently not visible. Actually sorrow in pleasures is not understood whilst enjoying as they deliver later. On the other hand true happiness is unlimited and are forever and this pleasure hunting cannot give us happiness at all.

Holistic vision and the vision of oneness of the realized person

Holistic Vision of the realized person

Everyone on this earth, a politician, a scientist, a businessman, a house holder, other many have a vision pertaining only to their own field. Their vision is limited and partial. But the realized master identifies with and abides in the supreme Truth which is the essence, support and the self of all. So, identified with the whole, his vision is holistic.

Vision of Oneness of the realized person

There seem a lot of differences in the world. There are moral, social norms of right conduct and also some universal laws are also there to follow. Those who consider the differences alone as real should follow the moral and social norms of right conduct. However for the Realized Master, the one and the same supreme truth alone is real and the worldly distinctions are merely transnational, not absolute. So, vision of oneness does not belongs to worldly differences but it is beyond and all worldly laws and norms and is only exist in the supreme truth behind the scene.

karma yoga act as bridge between the doer-self and the non-doer-self.

At our present state of ignorance due to our firm identification with the body-mind-intellect, the chasm between the doer-self and non-doer self seem unbridgeable. Karma yoga is the bridge as suggested by Shri Krishna for all of us. It is the performance of action with the attitude that I am only an instrument in hand of Lord. He is an primary doer and I am the secondary. This attitude of being the instrument of the Lord removes all the pride, selfishness and personal likes and dislikes. The mind than becomes ready for realizing the non-doer self.  

Right attitude while performing actions and receiving their results

Right attitude while performing actions means the avoidance of prohibited and desire prompted actions and their results while doing our daily life duties. A right attitude requires us to dedicate all action to a higher cause – the highest being the Lord and work without likes and dislikes. Right attitude whilst receiving the results is to cheerfully accept all as his gift without insistence and resistance. With this attitude the existing vasanas, attachments, likes, dislikes get exhausted and the bondage of new vasanas is not created. The mind becomes pure and peaceful, untouched are either the actions themselves or their results.